Teaching & Supervision


Professor Hobolt teaches courses on European Union politics, comparative politics, democracy, political behaviour and research methods in the social sciences.

Currently, she teaches on the following courses at the LSE:

PhD Supervision

Professor Hobolt is happy to supervise research students specialising in the areas of political behaviour, comparative politics and EU politics, especially those wishing to use quantitative methods in their research.

She is also the Doctoral Programme Director in the LSE Department of Government.

Anyone with an interest in pursuing a PhD at the LSE Department of Government, should feel free to email with any queries, or find more information about the LSE PhD programme or on how to become a Visiting Research Student on the LSE Government Department’s website.

Professor Hobolt is currently supervising the following PhD students:

Past PhD/DPhil students:

  • Katharina Lawall (Government, LSE) – Postdoctoral Researcher, University of London / Royal Holloway
  • Tom Hunter (European Institute, LSE) – Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Zurich
  • Diane Bolet (European Institute, LSE) – Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Zurich
  • Philipp Dreyer (European Institute, LSE) – Principal Research Officer, UK Government
  • Giulia Pastorella (European Institute, LSE) – Member of Parliament, Italy
  • Christopher Wratil (European Institute, LSE) – Assistant Professor, University of Vienna
  • Jack Blumenau (Government, LSE) – Associate Professor, UCL
  • Julian Hoerner (European Institute, LSE) – Lecturer, University of Birmingham
  • Traci Wilson (University of Oxford) – Director of Research at USAging
  • Zsolt Kiss (University of Oxford) – Chief Data Officer
  • Isabelle Deganis (University of Oxford) – Social Affairs Officer, United Nations
  • Marek Hanusch (University of Oxford) – Senior Economist, The World Bank
  • Lluis Orriols (University of Oxford) – Associate Professor, University Carlos III of Madrid
  • Armen Hakhverdian (University of Oxford) – Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam

She has also acted as PhD examiner at a number of universities, including ETH Zurich; European University Institute; King’s College London; LSE; Rutgers University; Universitat Pompeu Fabra; University of Aarhus; University of Amsterdam; University of Colorado; University of Copenhagen (Econ); University of Exeter; University of Leicester; Univerist of Manchester; University of Oxford; University of Southampton; University of Southern Denmark; and University of Zurich.