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Selected Articles


Losers’ Consent and Emotions in the Aftermath of the Brexit Referendum,” West European Politics, (2023) (with James Tilley)


Creating compliance in crisis: Messages, messengers, and masking up in Britain,” West European Politics, (2022) (with Christopher J. Anderson)

Policy preferences and policy legitimacy after referendums: Evidence from the Brexit negotiationsPolitical Behavior, 44, no. 2 (2022) (with James Tilley and Thomas Leeper)

The Brexit Deterrent? How Member State Exit Shapes Public Support for the European Union,” European Union Politics, 23 no. 1 (2022), 100-119 (with Sebastian Popa, Wouter van der Brug and Hermann Schmitt)


Playing to the Gallery: How Politicians Use Emotive Rhetoric in Parliament,” American Political Science Review. (with Moritz Osnabruegge and Toni Rodon).

Divided by the vote: affective polarization in the wake of the Brexit referendum,” British Journal of Political Science, 51, no. 4 (2021) 1476-1493 . (with Thomas J. Leeper and James Tilley).
**Winner of the Best Paper Award, 2019, American Political Science Association (Elections, Public Opinion and Voting)**

Trends: British Public Opinion towards EU Membership,” Public Opinion Quarterly 85, no. 4 (2021) 1126–1150 (with James Tilley).

Democratic Support, Populism, and the Incumbency Effect,” Journal of Democracy 32, no. 4 (2021), 131-145. (with Wouter van der Brug, Sebastian Popa and Hermann Schmitt).

Having a say or getting your way? Political choice and satisfaction with democracy.” European Journal of Political Research 60, no. 4 (2021): 854-873 (with Julian Hoerner and Toni Rodon).

Politicizing International Cooperation. The Mass Public, Political Entrepreneurs and Political Opportunity Structures,” International Organization. (with Catherine E. De Vries and Stefanie Walter)

A Tale of Two Peoples: Motivated Reasoning in the Aftermath of the Brexit Vote,” Political Science Research and Methods  9, no. 4 (2021), 675-692 (with Miriam Sorace).

**Winner of the BESt Article Award by the British Election Study**

Crisis Signaling: How Italy’s Coronavirus Lockdown Affected Incumbent Support in Other European CountriesPolitical Science Research and Methods. (with Catherine E. De Vries, Bert Bakker and Kevin Arceneaux)


Having a Say or Getting Your Way? Political Choice and Satisfaction with DemocracyEuropean Journal of Political Research. (with Julian M. Hoerner and Toni Rodon).

Contestation and responsiveness in EU Council deliberations,” Journal of European Public Policy, 27(3): pp. 362-381. (with Christopher Wratil)

Measuring subgroup preferences in conjoint experiments,” Political Analysis, 28(2): pp. 207-221. (with Thomas J. Leeper and James Tilley)

The mobilising effect of political choice,” European Journal of Political Research, 59(2): pp. 229-247. (with Julian M. Hoerner)

Domestic Contestation and European Integration,” Journal of European Public Policy, 27(2): pp. 161-167. (with Toni Rodon)

Cross-cutting issues and electoral choice. EU issue voting in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum,” Journal of European Public Policy, 27(2): pp. 227-245. (with Toni Rodon)


Unity in diversity? Polarization, issue diversity and satisfaction with democracy,” Journal of European Public Policy, published online December 2019. (with Julian M. Hoerner)

Public deliberations in the Council of the European Union: Introducing and validating DICEU,” European Union Politics, 20(3): pp. 511-531. (with Christopher Wratil)

Party competition and emotive rhetoric,” Comparative Political Studies, 52(6): pp. 811-837. (with Spyros Kosmidis, Eamonn Molley and Stephen Whitefield)

Career ambitions and legislative participation: The moderating effect of electoral institutions,” British Journal of Political Science, 49(2): pp. 491-512. (with Bjørn Høyland and Simon Hix)


Facing up to the facts: What causes economic perceptions?Electoral Studies, 51: pp. 115-122. (with Catherine E. De Vries and James Tilley)

Brexit and the 2017 UK General Election,” Journal of Common Market Studies: Annual Review, 56 (S1): pp. 39-50.

When the pound in people’s pocket matters: how changes to personal financial circumstances affect party choice,” The Journal of Politics, 80(2): pp. 555-569. (with James Tilley and Anja Neundorf)


Government responsiveness in the European Union: evidence from Council voting,Comparative Political Studies, 50(6): pp. 850-876. (with Sara Hagemann and Christopher Wratil)
**Winner of the Best Article Award, 2018, American Political Science Association (European Politics and Society)**


The Brexit vote: a divided nation, a divided continent,” Journal of European Public Policy, 23(9): pp. 1259-1277. **Winner of the JEPP Editors’ Special Prize**

Turning against the union? The impact of the crisis on the Eurosceptic vote in the 2014 European Parliament elections,” Electoral Studies, Vol. 44: 504-514. (with Catherine E. De Vries)

Public Support for European Integration,” Annual Review of Political Science, Vol. 19: pp. 413-32. (with Catherine E. De Vries)

Fleeing the centre: the rise of challenger parties in the aftermath of the Euro crisis,” West European Politics, 39(5): pp. 971-991. (with James Tilley)


Allocating Responsibility in Multilevel Government Systems: Voter and Expert Attributions in the European Union,” The Journal of Politics, 77(1): pp. 102-113. (with Traci Wilson)

The conditionality of the trade-off between government responsiveness and effectiveness: the impact of minority status and polls in the Canadian House of Commons,” Electoral Studies, Vol. 40: pp. 517-530. (with Mark Pickup)

Issue entrepreneurship and multiparty competition,” Comparative Political Studies, 48(9): pp. 1159-1185. (with Catherine E. De Vries)

The 2014 European Parliament elections: divided in unity? Journal of Common Market Studies, 53 (S1): pp. 6-21.

Does Personalization Increase Turnout? Spitzenkandidaten in the 2014 European Parliament Elections,” European Union Politics, 16(3): pp. 347-368. (with Hermann Schmitt and Sebastian A. Popa)

Public opinion and the crisis: the dynamics of support for the euro,”Journal of European Public Policy, 22(2): pp. 238-256. (with Christopher Wratil)

Computers, coders, and voters: comparing automated methods for estimating party positions,” Research & Politics, published online April 2015. (with Frederik Hjorth and Robert Klemmensen)


Exploiting the Cracks: Wedge Issues in Multiparty Competition,” The Journal of Politics, 76(4): pp. 986-999. (with Marc van de Wardt and Catherine E. De Vries)

A vote for the President? The role of Spitzenkandidaten in the 2014 European Parliament elections,” Journal of European Public Policy, 21(10): pp. 1528-1540.

Who’s in Charge? Voter Attribution of Responsibility in the European Union,” Comparative Political Studies, 47(6): pp. 795-819. (with James Tilley)

Ever closer or ever wider? Public attitudes towards further enlargement and integration in the European Union,” Journal of European Public Policy, 21(5): pp. 664-680.

Going green: explaining issue competition on the environment,” European Journal of Political Research, 53(2): pp. 363-380. (with Jae-Jae Spoon and Catherine E. De Vries)


Clarity of responsibility: How government cohesion conditions performance voting,” European Journal of Political Research, 52(2): pp. 164-187. (with James Tilley and Susan A. Banducci)

Listening to the government: how information shapes responsibility attributions,” Political Behavior, Vol. 35: pp. 153-174. (with James Tilley and Jill Wittrock)


Motivating the European voter: parties, issues and campaigns in European Parliament elections,” European Journal of Political Research, 51(6): pp. 701-727. (with Jae-Jae Spoon)

When Dimensions Collide: The Electoral Success of Issue Entrepreneurs,” European Union Politics, 13(2): pp. 246-268. (with Catherine E. De Vries)

Citizens satisfaction with democracy in the European Union,” Journal of Common Market Studies, 50(1): pp. 88-105.


Religious intolerance and Euroscepticism,” European Union Politics, 12(3): pp. 359-379. (with Wouter Van der Brug, Claes H. de Vreese, Hajo G. Boomgaarden, and Malte C. Hinrichsen)

Selection and Sanctioning in European Parliamentary Elections,” British Journal of Political Science, 41(3): pp. 477-498. (with Bjorn Hoyland)

Is the government to blame? An experimental test of how partisanship shapes perceptions of performance and responsibility,” The Journal of Politics, 73(2). (with James Tilley)

Electoral Democracy in the European Union,” Electoral Studies, 30(1), pp. 1-3. (with Mark Franklin)

The second-order election model revisited: An experimental test of vote choices in European Parliament elections,” Electoral Studies, 30(1): pp. 29-40. (with Jill Wittrock)

The legacy of lethargy: How elections to the European Parliament depress turnout,” Electoral Studies, 30(1): pp. 67-76. (with Mark Franklin)


Voters and Coalition Governments,” Electoral Studies 29(3): pp. 299-307. (with Jeffrey Karp)

Coalition Governments and Electoral Accountability,” Electoral Studies 29(3): pp. 358-369. (with Stephen Fisher)

Contesting the European Union? Why the Dutch and the French Rejected the European Constitution,” Political Research Quarterly (2010). (with Sylvain Brouard)


Religion and Party Choice in Europe,” West European Politics, 32(6): pp. 1266-1283. (with Wouter van der Brug and Claes de Vreese)

‘Is My Crown Better than Your Euro? Exchange Rates and Public Opinion on the European Single Currency,” European Union Politics, 10(2): pp. 209-232. (with Patrick Leblond)

A vote against Europe? Explaining defection at the 1999 and 2004 European Parliament elections,” British Journal of Political Science, 39(1): pp. 93-115. (with Jae-Jae Spoon and James Tilley)


Owning the Issue Agenda: Party Strategies and Vote Choices in British Elections,” Electoral Studies, Vol. 27: pp. 460-476. (with Jane Green)

Disengaging Voters: Do plurality systems discourage the less knowledgeable from voting?” Electoral Studies, Vol. 27: pp. 89-104. (with Stephen Fisher, Laurence Lessard-Phillips, and John Curtice)

Government Responsiveness and Political Competition in Comparative Perspective,” Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 41: pp. 309-337. (with Robert Klemmensen)


Estimating policy positions using political texts: An evaluation of the Wordscores approach,” Electoral Studies, Vol. 26: pp. 746-755. (with Robert Klemmensen and Martin Ejnar Hansen)

Taking Cues on Europe? Voter Competence and Party Endorsements in Referendums on European Integration,” European Journal of Political Research, 46(2): pp. 151-182.


How Parties Affect Vote Choice in European Integration Referendums,” Party Politics, 12(5): pp. 623-47.

Direct Democracy and European Integration,” Journal of European Public Policy, 13(1): pp. 153-166.

Responsive Government? Public Opinion and Policy Preferences in Britain and Denmark,” Political Studies, Vol. 53: pp. 379-402. (with Robert Klemmensen)

When Europe Matters: The Impact of Political Information on Voting Behavior in EU Referendums,” Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 15(1): pp. 85-110.